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Bloody Stomach Flu

I was struck down by stomach flu 2 days ago. Just on the night I was suppose to help my photography master on his ASEAN event. We had a late night porridge and some Pao. I felt ok until we reached Shangri-La. Wat lau, start to vomit and sweat. Stomach feel bloated and gassy. Tried to vomit out all the stuff I ate and hopefully can recover by morning but it seems futile. About 5am, no choice but woke up my Si Mu (Master's wife) that I cannot make it liao. She already noticed I'm not feeling that well and told me to go home.

Took a cab home and went to have a shower and vomit some more. Lie on the bed wringing in pain till afternoon. Wat lau, really feel like committing Hari-kiri leh. The feeling is like something constantly expanding in your stomach. Move a bit, stretch a bit, the pain like full force hamtam by a mallet in the stomach area. Took the charcoal tablets and its seems to help a bit.

Afternoon went to see doctor, at least can walk now but still have to arch my back to alleviate the pain. People on the bus saw me and give me the worried look... like I dying like dat.. Think my face must be really pale. Doctor see me immediately (jumped queue!! yea!). Said I most probably kena stomach flu (there's an epidemic now) and have to abstain from oily food for a week. Also because, I did not take anything since the night before (and I puked out all my food), my gastric gases makes the problem worst. So die die have to eat even if I feel like puking...

So now getting better.... horrible experience.


Balonglong said...


Mr 吧咙咙

HH said...

Yeah I am the expert in Stomach Flu!! Know exactly how it felt... Last time I just collapsed on the floor and feeling alternate between cold and hot.... feel really like dying!!

Hey have you notice your post on Stomach Flu came after a few posts on FOOD?? Hee....

Take care!