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Girl girl monster liao...

Just now chatted with my Ang Mo friend and found out ah girl now a bit monster liao.. Behave more like a boy then a girl... jia lat. Cannot blame also, wify a bit tomboy oso (like mother like daughter) :P

But sometimes these are good signs, friend told me my girl is "fearless". Dare to challenge authority or try new things. Even if she fell, cry cry a bit then continue liao. So very "tough" and very "survivable" lah. Also keen interest in things and actually ponders over them. Interesting to note is that she could already ride Jeni's bike liao (Jeni is almost 3 years old). Bloody hell, not even 2 yrs old and can't talk properly can ride bike. Big headache.

Anyway, today went to Orchard again to get my camera (send in for servicing). Remember my last post on this? This time not bad leh, quite choon (accurate). Maybe because off peak hour? Very little traffic on the road. Seems like to early to judge the performance of the time board. But those taking bus 14 poor thing, the board reads bloody 18mins... chaarm. Can go eat some food come back still got time. hehe.

*PS Its quite choon for me oso, taking bus no 7 and the board did mention its a wheelchair friendly bus. Came a double deck bus that have wheel chair capabilities and arrived on time :) hopefully this can last....

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