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A letter to SMRT

Dear SMRT,

I am so happy that you have installed more benches at the platform areas in Cityhall MRT. The silvery smooth benches that you guys have installed are so eye catching!! Looks very cool too but there's one big overlook to your fantastic bench is that its has a smooth surface... so SMOOOOTH that whoever sits on it will just slip off from it. The slipping was even aggravated by the 30 degree slope-y seats. Worst is that you placed the bench soooo close to the wall, ITs impossible for me to "sit" properly on the bench. If its intended for leaning, I would rather lean against the walls behind the seat as the seats are way too low for leaning. As seen in the picture, the poor uncle have to use one of his arms to lean on the bench himself to stop himself from slipping off. And worst, because of the seats blocking the wall, I can no longer lean on the wall with my back anymore.
I am happy that you do listen to your commuters and upgrade your premises (besides "upgrading" your prices) but next time, please test out the thing first before commiting to buy. If not, its just another big LEMON..

with regards,


HH said...

This problem had been highlighted many times. I bet its some bloody scholar project and he had sinced moved up the corporate ladder.

What you seen here is the improved version. They lowered the legs. But still it take a skill of a circle clown to sit on them.

I have invented a pair of pants with rubber suckers at the ass. So to those who still like to sit on these $%&#%# bench can contact me. Hee....

PS: Which ministers on Perm Sec or CEO take the MRT? So we must be more understanding hor.

Balonglong said...

Who say let u sit.. last time, they reply through Today saying is 4 people to lean. not 4 people 2 sit. 1 2 sit. go to their bloody stone chair.

Or they also can reply this --> is to prevent terrorist to but bag near our wall.. highly intelligent scholar research show it work! Terrorist cant even sit down so they dont have cahnge to leave their bag there.. Wa ha ha ha

Or--> We must put new item in our station so tat we can justified to increase $$$.. it very Ex 1 Hooo.

Or--> simply dont reply.. cos u not happi, go buy car la.. Stupid.

Ba Long Long (scholar 2)