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Some desert from Japan

Mum and Sis returned late last night and bought some goodies. This is the killer "Mua Chee" I've tasted when I last went to Japan. I've been talking about to my friends about this stuff and I can't really remember what is it. Luckily mum discovered it in Kyoto.
It is a Kyoto product and its not really Mua Chee lah. More like a soft jelly taken from roots of a tree. The killer is the brown powder you see in the packaging. Its black bean powder. The packaging is very nice so mum bought a few back... hehehe.. Open up and you see some advertising stuff, 2 plastic toothpicks (very chio leh) and 2 packets of powder plus the jello itself. The saleslady told my mum and sis cannot put in fridge and have to eat it within the week. So after taking the photo, we proceed to devour the stuff.
So mum cut the jello stuff and we poured the powder (that's why mistaken as Mua Chee). Its much sweeter and more rigid then the version I ate in Tokyo. So a bit disappointed. But then mum and sis recalled they tried the same thing in Japan and not like that leh. Then finally discovered the size of the jello we cut were too large! By making smaller cubes, suddenly everything change liao. Wat lau power!! The jelly is sweet but the powder is not. By cutting smaller, the cubes get more powder and is less sweet. The fragrance of the powder became prominent and smaller jelly makes it melt in your mouth (no need to chew at all). All right man!! In heaven liao.... hahahaha

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