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Werners Revisited

Today Mum and Sis flew off to Osaka liao.. So want to have a good dinner to start my 10 days alone in the house... hehe. Met up with my cousin to dine at Werner again. Just went last week with a friend to have a Oktoberfest Sausage platter. Today want to try the pork knuckle (see pic). Taste good but really heavy. The skin is really crispy but the meat a bit gamey leh. (Pork just don't taste as good as Thailand's). Cousin ordered a combi platter of smoked sausage and pork chop. Sausage is great but the pork taste a bit salty...

Ordered a brezel as a starter and a beer too. (See the tall glass in the picture) Imported German Paulaner beer leh. (bloody one glass cost a meal) Talked about having too much food. :P Overall not bad lah... but a bit damaging with the price. 3.7/5 for the knuckle.

Restaurant is located at Upper East Coast Road near Siglap Centre, (beside NTUC).

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Balonglong said...

Waa look good.. but err I dont like pork knuckle... 放生 me again... 1 2 try the Sausage!!!!! yum yum

Mr Ba long Long