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Last post of the year 2007

There's a few reasons why I did not write for the pass few days.

First, I was sick. Bogged down by flu and its terrible as the farms here are starting to slash and burn. They dry air and the vast differences in day and night tempreature makes it worst.

Second, the more serious issue was I recently had a big fight with my wife and nearly flew back to Singapore. Actually this fight already started last time I came and it kinds of continue to roll... The thing is nowadays, I really can't control my temper as well as I used to be. Not sure why but I just get worked up very very easily. Might be the constant stress that I need to leave my baby every 3 months. And my wife's temper is just as bad as mine so its kind of getting out of hand....

I always think of the worst scenario which is I will leave her and get custody of my baby and return back to Singapore. But for the sake of my baby, I will try to endure and just wait.

Actually, I did predicted that the above scenario is possible due to our vast culture differences but I was a bit naive and a bit lost in love... hehehe... so now woke up from the dream and try to work it our liao.. Do I still love her?? I think I do and this "need" to think might means something is wrong.

I will try my best to save this relationship(as a friend of mine used to do before his divorce) and now the ball is in her hands... Just need to see how she plays it.
Might be shocking to most of you but I think I already hinted a bit in my old posts. I did not write much about her as I used to be.

Anyway, I still enjoy Thailand and Maesai and I think I will still retire here (my long term plan.) So now I still need to settle my wife and baby's status before I could do anything.

Best of the year for 2008.

Baby & Bicycle

Think most of you already watched Girl on a bicycle. Now she is actually ferrying her cousin Ah Chai (wife's younger sister's son). Funny thing is Ah chai still can't cycle and he's a year older than girl.

The next photo may scare all the parents in Singapore but its a common sight here in Thailand. That's my wife's sister-in-law with their daughter Ee Kiao. Only 9mths old liao.... front basket really very useful sia...

PPP victory (as predicted)

I forgot about writing Thailand's election but I had a discussion once with my Ang Mo friend. He hoped the Democratic Party would win. (Nice chap who studied in Oxford and speaks fluent English). But I told him its not that possible as Thaksin made a formidable job of making the poor people (the rural people) happy.

He started the 30 baht universal medical programme and other populist reforms that strikes a chord with the majority rural Thai citizens. Even though he is corrupt, the party members and grassroots of the TRT really work the ground. In short, the people may not really vote for Thaksin but for their local grassroot leaders who really put in the effort to help them.

Just watched the late evening news and it seems People Power Party (PPP) which most of them are former Thaksin's TRT party leading the polls. So I should say now back to square one liao. The middle class, military and elites (NOT the majority) would start to make noises again.

Whoever says election is fair is bullshit. The one holding the guns or controlling the media are the one really doing the talking. So if PPP wants to really control and allow Thaksin back, they need to restructure the military leaders, which will then leads to another coup.

Very likely to have this scenario as the newly drafted constitution allows the military to intervene the current gahment policies if they find it necessary. So much for democracy.....

This looks really promising.

Breaking news from Bangkok post. Seems like the military installed gahment did something good after all. Not sure my wife applicable anot. (Pray hard hard)

Hill tribesmen to be given Thai citizenship
( - Deputy Prime Minister Sonthi Boonyaratkalin said the government will give citizenship to 353,000 people who have lived in Thailand for more than 10 years.

These people are mostly hill tribesmen living in the North, he said, adding that the interim government will refer the matter to a new government that will be elected after Sunday's election.

These people will be given Thai citizenship while their newborns will be of Thai nationality.

This is to solve national security problems along the border, he added.

Still, we need to wait for the new gahment to approve the citizenship....

The hopeless people

I watched Sicko by Michael Moore yesterday and was a bit overwhelmed by the fact that hospitals in the US are actually dumping patients without insurance coverage on the street. What's even worse is how the insurance companies are finding ways to deny those with insurance on their claim.

Watching the movie kinds of frighten me on the outlook of Singapore's own medical care. It seems like we are trying to follow the US style of having expensive medical care and only allowing a limitation of Medisave claim for our bills. I was wondering, do our own Singapore hospital did the same to those with no money??? Kick them out of their bed??

Anyway, the best part of the movie was an interview with Tony Benn, a former member of parliament of the United Kingdom. He said this which seems very applicable to not only US but also to Singapore or Thailand. Here's part of the quote but the gist of it :

"People in debt become hopeless and hopeless people don't vote. So I think there are 2 ways that which people are controlled. First was to frighten people and secondly to demoralise them. An educated, healthy and confident nation is harder to govern. And I think they is an element in the thinking of some people that we don't want people to be educated, healthy and confident because they would get out and control. The top 1% of the world population is holding 80% of the world's wealth. Its incredible that people put up with it. But they are poor, they are demoralised, they are frightened and they think perhaps the safest thing to do is to take orders and hope for the best."

Do get the DVD and watch it if you can. Pretty good stuff . :)

Scar (WARNING!!! Do not see if you can't stand gore!!)

I want to archive this injury for memorial sake. (See here and here for those who missed the story) So took a picture of my "beautiful" scar with stitches as a reminder for me. Be bloody careful next time....

errr... hope this does not spoil your appetite. hehehe

More chopsticks

Took another shot at girl using chopsticks. Previous one is a bit low quality.. This one is clearer... hehehe


Part 2 of my previous post. :) Currently now in day 3 of the incident. Already feeling better. My left arm could bend more than 90 degrees but my right arm is still sore from the injection. Think its a combination of muscle cramp and injection symptoms. Still I managed to have a short run today. Not sure why but I just feel like exercising. So took a slow jog with a limp right arm... Not as siong as I thought (maybe mentally prepared) and I went quite slow on this run.

Finished and cleaned up. Need to change my dressing liao as it has been 2 days. Prepared all the stuff and removed the bandage. Surprised to see its actually 5 stitches rather then 4. (The nurse dunno how to count) Anyway, use a swab and cleaned the wound. I tried bending my arm and the stitches seems to hold quite well. Looks quite nasty with all the strings but its actually healing quite fast. It looks promising also as its not red and swollen, which means there is no infection (yet). So I changed the gauze and re-banded my arm with fresh bandages.

I have to count myself lucky. The doctor did prescribed a 10 day Anti-biotics for me but I am not taking it unless it get infected. Don't want to rely on antibodies too much or else your resistance will weaken. Still, if it starts to swell or have pus, I would start to take the meds immediately.

Anyway, while I am typing this, my wounded area feels itchy already. Which means its really recovering. Still need to wait for 4 more days before I could visit the doctor again to remove the stitches....


I am now typing with both my arms stretched straight. My left elbow was cut deeply by some iron bars from my roof and I had received 4 stitches. (I guess I am not as agile as I used to be liao). Anyway, what happened was my wife complained to me about hearing some noise on the roof. So this morning I went up to take a peek. Nothing but I think some birds make a nest at the corner of my roof. Anyway, on my decent down, my elbow struck something and I got an excruciation pain from it. I used my other hand to feel it and was surprised by the nasty cut. Being cool, I slowly climbed down and called my wife for help (BIG MISTAKE). She saw my wound and start to panic liao (thought I am suppose to be the one to panic). I calmed her down while I rush to the tap to wash most of the blood off (big mess sia). Then I asked her to get me the medicated alcohol and proceed to douse the wound with it. Super pain of course but no choice. I looked in the mirror and bend my elbow and can see the muscle liao (jialat). Which means definitely I need to go to a doctor to get stitches. Asked wife to help me dressed up while baby at the side looking a big stun ... hehehehe (more like "huh" wat happened?")

My wife already called the neighbour for help but I could managed, so I took my bike alone to the nearest clinic. Lucky no one in the queue so I got to see the doctor almost immediately. The young doctor not very "zai" leh but no choice lah. Proceeded to stitch me up and gave me a Tetanus Shot.

Here's the funny part. The nurse who gave me the shot without asking me, jab the needle onto my right arm. Nah beh! Now my right shoulder is sore with the Tetanus shot while I can't bend my left elbow. Suay ahhhh......


Made a bad purchase yesterday on ebay. Paid too much for an item I bought liao. Some more the AF will not work on my 70-200 SSM lens. Sianz 1/2 liao. Next time must do more research before splurging.

heart pain sia.....

Running Again

Since my failed attempt to reduce my weight to 84kg. Decided to at least maintain my current form. I have already stopped for almost a week and so I started my running routine today. Again, I started slow by reducing my usual distance by half. The run was not that enjoyable as the air was pretty dry. Its cooling and you don't feel exhausted at all (completed my 3km within 30mins). But the breathing part is tough. I tried to breadth through my nose but the cool dry air seems to be difficult to suck in. Like in an air-conditioned room. Switched to breathing through my mouth lagi worst. Throat became very dry and extremely uncomfortable. Tried swallowing my own saliva but not very helpful. I think I need to condition myself to the weather here. Think the first week would be tough for me.

Maybe I would try interval training again but I just really enjoy jogging around my neighbourhood. It has a fantastic view......

Some photos from my new lens

I got myself a 85mm 1.4 G lens from ebay when I was in Singapore. Huge piece of glass and I intended to use it intensively on Hui hui. Its a fast lens thus I could shoot without flash. All shots in this series are taken with the lens except the one standing looking at the toy. Very happy with it. More to come later....

Baby & Chopsticks

Girl Girl's Uncle (wife's younger brother) came and we went out for dinner. Wify passed her the chopstick and I warned her she's too young and might poke her eyes out. But wify told me she already knew how to use it liao.. What happened is super funny. Hui hui and her chopstick skills is really a stunner! hahahaha.. Sorry for the lousy video as I was using my 2mp Sony Ericsson phone to take this. You should see how she placed the meat on the hot plate man... Think have to scale down on the fish oil I have been giving her.....

Girl girl Hell rider!

I know they always say start early but can you imagine a kid (more like baby to me) not even 2 years old on a bicyle??? Freaking funny... hehehe

Anyway, back in Thailand yesterday but too tired to write anything. The weather here is fantastic, afternoon around 26 degrees while Night a bit cold. Morning is the worst though, can hit 11 degree man.. Brrrrrr! Funny thing is that the cold weather came a bit earlier leh (normally its Dec then got such temp).

Sleepless night

I am taking a 7am flight to Bangkok tomorrow. I had already booked a cab at 5am to ferry me to Changi Airport. Which means I have to wake up at 4.30 am to prepare myself. So most probably I won't get to sleep much for tonight.

Time really flies, 2 months has been passed since my return and I am really looking forward for tomorrow. Can't really explain the feelings but its a mixed feeling. As I already know that 3 more months over there I have to come back to Singapore again, which starts this cycle one more time. Hopefully, we could solve this problem once and for all and I would be able to stay there for at least one whole year or more.

Singapore is nice. Its still feel good to come back to meet friends and my mum and sis but I kind of find that the feeling is getting more and more distanced . I think I feel more at "home" over there rather than here. Still, I think most probably I would work here till late 40s or early 50s and retire over there. That's my long term plan anyway. :)

Tomorrow would be a bit hectic. The flight to Bangkok would take 3 hrs but because of the hour difference, I should reach Suvarnabhumi at 840am. Then have to clear immigration, grab baggage and clear custom within 2 hours and transfer to Domestic flight to Chiang Rai. The flight would be 1140am (supposed to be 13.30 but they changed timing) . But at least at the same airport lah(taking Air Asia). So not as rush. Another hour flight to Chiang Rai and another hour drive to my town. So should be able to reach at most 2pm +7GMT or 3pm in Singapore local time. Weeee.. get to 抱抱宝贝了!