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PPP victory (as predicted)

I forgot about writing Thailand's election but I had a discussion once with my Ang Mo friend. He hoped the Democratic Party would win. (Nice chap who studied in Oxford and speaks fluent English). But I told him its not that possible as Thaksin made a formidable job of making the poor people (the rural people) happy.

He started the 30 baht universal medical programme and other populist reforms that strikes a chord with the majority rural Thai citizens. Even though he is corrupt, the party members and grassroots of the TRT really work the ground. In short, the people may not really vote for Thaksin but for their local grassroot leaders who really put in the effort to help them.

Just watched the late evening news and it seems People Power Party (PPP) which most of them are former Thaksin's TRT party leading the polls. So I should say now back to square one liao. The middle class, military and elites (NOT the majority) would start to make noises again.

Whoever says election is fair is bullshit. The one holding the guns or controlling the media are the one really doing the talking. So if PPP wants to really control and allow Thaksin back, they need to restructure the military leaders, which will then leads to another coup.

Very likely to have this scenario as the newly drafted constitution allows the military to intervene the current gahment policies if they find it necessary. So much for democracy.....

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Balonglong said...

什么Style都一样的。Democratic la, republic la, this la that la都是一样的.

Mr ba long long