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Part 2 of my previous post. :) Currently now in day 3 of the incident. Already feeling better. My left arm could bend more than 90 degrees but my right arm is still sore from the injection. Think its a combination of muscle cramp and injection symptoms. Still I managed to have a short run today. Not sure why but I just feel like exercising. So took a slow jog with a limp right arm... Not as siong as I thought (maybe mentally prepared) and I went quite slow on this run.

Finished and cleaned up. Need to change my dressing liao as it has been 2 days. Prepared all the stuff and removed the bandage. Surprised to see its actually 5 stitches rather then 4. (The nurse dunno how to count) Anyway, use a swab and cleaned the wound. I tried bending my arm and the stitches seems to hold quite well. Looks quite nasty with all the strings but its actually healing quite fast. It looks promising also as its not red and swollen, which means there is no infection (yet). So I changed the gauze and re-banded my arm with fresh bandages.

I have to count myself lucky. The doctor did prescribed a 10 day Anti-biotics for me but I am not taking it unless it get infected. Don't want to rely on antibodies too much or else your resistance will weaken. Still, if it starts to swell or have pus, I would start to take the meds immediately.

Anyway, while I am typing this, my wounded area feels itchy already. Which means its really recovering. Still need to wait for 4 more days before I could visit the doctor again to remove the stitches....

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Balonglong said...

wahhh.. i 1 week never go gym leao.. after reading ur blog (so Garang) think cannot leao... must go today!
Wa ha ha ha ha

Mr Ba Long Long