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Running Again

Since my failed attempt to reduce my weight to 84kg. Decided to at least maintain my current form. I have already stopped for almost a week and so I started my running routine today. Again, I started slow by reducing my usual distance by half. The run was not that enjoyable as the air was pretty dry. Its cooling and you don't feel exhausted at all (completed my 3km within 30mins). But the breathing part is tough. I tried to breadth through my nose but the cool dry air seems to be difficult to suck in. Like in an air-conditioned room. Switched to breathing through my mouth lagi worst. Throat became very dry and extremely uncomfortable. Tried swallowing my own saliva but not very helpful. I think I need to condition myself to the weather here. Think the first week would be tough for me.

Maybe I would try interval training again but I just really enjoy jogging around my neighbourhood. It has a fantastic view......

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Balonglong said...

So far, did not see any photo taken around ur house( err the padi field photo is it near ur house?) or ur house. :]

Mr Ba Long Long