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Sleepless night

I am taking a 7am flight to Bangkok tomorrow. I had already booked a cab at 5am to ferry me to Changi Airport. Which means I have to wake up at 4.30 am to prepare myself. So most probably I won't get to sleep much for tonight.

Time really flies, 2 months has been passed since my return and I am really looking forward for tomorrow. Can't really explain the feelings but its a mixed feeling. As I already know that 3 more months over there I have to come back to Singapore again, which starts this cycle one more time. Hopefully, we could solve this problem once and for all and I would be able to stay there for at least one whole year or more.

Singapore is nice. Its still feel good to come back to meet friends and my mum and sis but I kind of find that the feeling is getting more and more distanced . I think I feel more at "home" over there rather than here. Still, I think most probably I would work here till late 40s or early 50s and retire over there. That's my long term plan anyway. :)

Tomorrow would be a bit hectic. The flight to Bangkok would take 3 hrs but because of the hour difference, I should reach Suvarnabhumi at 840am. Then have to clear immigration, grab baggage and clear custom within 2 hours and transfer to Domestic flight to Chiang Rai. The flight would be 1140am (supposed to be 13.30 but they changed timing) . But at least at the same airport lah(taking Air Asia). So not as rush. Another hour flight to Chiang Rai and another hour drive to my town. So should be able to reach at most 2pm +7GMT or 3pm in Singapore local time. Weeee.. get to 抱抱宝贝了!


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