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Baby Sick again

There's an outbreak of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease here in Maesai and all the schools are closed for the week. Not sure how Girl caught the disease but I guess its at the carnival where lots of kids were playing.

Anyway, she developed the rashes from her feet first and now spreads to the mouth and hands. Saw the first doctor (at night and wife a bit panicky again) and the clueless joker gave anti-biotic. Errr... I am not a doctor but I do know that Amoxycilin is for bacterial infection, not viral. Next morning, we went to the larger clinic and this doctor is more informed. Explained to my wife the anti-biotic is not necessary (actually she already convinced by me liao) and ways to make her feel better.

Guess I might not be writing much for the week. The thing will last for a week and girl seems restless. A bit worried on she will get dehydration as she had difficulty in swallowing. Doctor did said ice and cold stuff will help so lucky girl now have ice-cream everyday liao... :P

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Balonglong said...

Poor ger ger : ( .. sayang sayang..

Mr Ba Long Long