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Back to normal..

Basically some of my closer friends are wondering whether the break-up with my wife is going to happen. Good to say that it is not going to happen for the moment (maybe it will). But who knows how the future would turn out??

Anyway, we talked things over and already more or less settled on a certain directions or things need to be done.

First, while waiting for her status to change. I think I am better off going back to Singapore to work. Basically, I would be back in Singapore to earn more money :P. Since without a proper status, we can't start a business at all (unless we use nominees) and for the moment, we had no idea what to sell anyway. Moreover, this kinds of solve the current Visa issues that I was having. At least since I spend more time in Singapore, I could easily just come back on VOA and do not need the Tourist Visa at all.

So I guess this period of time would be the last time I stay for long in Maesai. I already bought my tix which I would leave on the 29th Feb. If I was to return, I would most probably be back like for a week or 2 if I could get enough leave or offs for my job to spend some time with them over here. This is quite a hard decision but I think its a good one. Will be tough for me but somehow, after we made this decision, both of us(me and my wife) seems to communicate much better nowadays and the rift seems to be mending....

I guess I would be long term in Singapore until wify get her status or I have a complete solution for my VISA or employment in Thailand.

Hope for more better days to come and sorry for being lazy. Been busy watching DVDs that I just bought from Thachilek and spending time with my girl. hehe


Kai_Bros said...

Good to hear that you and your wife are ok now. Is there anyway to get MP or PM's help on status?

FatBoi IN MaeSai said...

The thing is I am not comfortable seeking MP or PM out. And both of us agreed that we are staying in Thailand. Not back in Singapore. So that option is not in first priority at all. :)

Balonglong said...


Mr Ba Long Long