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The fearless baby

My girl is "fearless". Why do I say that?? Here's a list of things she's done or tried to do.

1) Jump from bed to floor. Succeeded to land on face. Cried and still doing it.
2) Front flipped somersault(almost) on her own.
3) Ride Bicycle even though fell from it before.
4) Burst a big balloon with her teeth. Looked stun at first but laughed later. (other baby cry liao)
5) Climbed the kitchen chair and fell. Got bruised and still doing it.
6) Climbed from the floor to sofa to the window grill. Slammed the window and nearly hit her fingers. Still wants to do it.
7) Tried to touch hot charcoal with her bare hands. (Never succeeded)
8) Run and fell so many times I lost count.... Especially when floor is wet and told her not to run.
9) Likes to hang upside down (by me holding her legs)

Think the list can go on more. She likes to try things and most of them are quite dangerous. A bit dare-devil for her age and she kinds of think that she has an invisible force field around her :P. And to make things worst is that she is lighting quick in her reflexes. Can suddenly run and change direction or grab something without you noticing. My house already had a collection of spoons from different restaurants which she grabbed before leaving. And she do know how to use tricks to get your attention away from her.

Now pray everyday some "God" protect my little bugger. Jia lat man.....

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Balonglong said...

Her invisible force field is u and ur wife lo :p ha ha ha.. 08年,祝你和你家人,身体健康!小的快高长大!要听爸爸话喔。。。。

Mr Ba Long Long