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New Project

I am actually planning to start another blog more on history and philosophy. Most of the things that I would write on this new blog would be personal experiences.

For historical part. Historical texts or books that I have read that I wished to share. With my own opinions on how I perceive these events. I enjoy history since my Secondary days and I still do now, so I guess its just another way of archiving what I have read. The Internet itself is a big repository of historical information. (Just that I need to really filter out the facts and fictions)

On philosophy, it will be mostly based on religious views and texts (ready to be bashed liao) and interesting human behaviours that I have observed till now. I am no Plato or KongZhi (Confucius). But just my own personal philosophical view of the world that I wished to share.

I am still thinking of a good name for the new blog. And will update here once its up.... :)

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