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Thailand in mourning.

Think most of you already knew from the news that the elder sister of Thailand's king HRH (Her Royal Highness) Princess Galyani Vadhana just passed away. The whole country is mourning and people are wearing either black or white everywhere.

As a foreigner here, I am in a bit of a culture shock regarding the Thai people and their beloved king. The recent birthday bash for the king feels more like performing a religious event rather than real partying or celebration. Its pretty scary as you cannot (even as a foreigner) critised the monarchy at all. So if you do say something disrespectful or even questions any issues regarding the monarchy to a Thai, the chances is that they will get offended is very very high.

I do like the King. He's smart, hardworking and genuinely concerned for the poor and I do believe most people who are critical about the monarchy are not actually criticising the king. Its the people who serves indirectly or directly in between the monarchy and the peasants are the one making the real trouble (the rich, powerful and noble people). And I do sincerely think they are the one controlling the country and how people should behave in front of the Thai royal family.

And its getting worst. Recently, a well known website was shut down by new laws imposed by the interim government. This all leads to an interesting thought for Singapore too. LKY (you know who) is like a King (more like Emperor :P ) and he too, are served by some middle people that is currently blinding him with false information. So maybe its not his fault for having the pay rise. (yeah right).. And another thing I wonder is there any Singaporean that pray and worship him (you know who) like the Thais do??

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Balonglong said...

Not to be disrespect. but thai really spend a lot (tax payer's money) in this funeral. Do you wonder why Chinese dont have a king now? Not cheap to maintain a monarchy and to maintain a king. Many rule need to be set so that people will not offend them or = no freedom of speech.. here not monarch la.. its sound like dictatorship.. ha ha ha.. 1 to rule them all..

Mr Ba Long Long