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Touch down

Back in Singapore at 9.20pm. The flight from Bangkok was delayed till 1720 (supposed to be 1645). Heard that its because one of the runway was shutdown for safety reasons. Anyway, this morning I drove the car again with wife,baby and our neighbour Ah Ma and Uncle to Chiang Rai Big C to do some last minute shopping. Girl seems very happy about the ride.

So now back in Singapore and getting used to the climate (Maesai still cold in the evening and early morning). Just talked to girl and wife on Skype, girl seems a bit puzzled why I am on the screen again. But she's busy playing anyway, so not that worried liao..

Time Flies

3 more days and I will be back in Singapore. Time really flies. I have spent another 90 days in Thailand and with baby. Alas, this time round will probably be the last time for the next few years that I will stay that long.

The plan now is to get a proper job in Singapore and work my ass off.. Need moola liao.. Will miss girl but no choice lah... Most probably I will still fly back often but will stay for only a few days or at most a week.

Meanwhile, girl is now learning lots of words and being Kay Poh (busybody). hehee.. Will update more when I return.

Have not been blogging as I have not turn my computer on that often. Things will change once I'm back in SG.

Phone Review

Bought a Nokia(clone)6500 from Thachilek (Myanmar) for 3400baht. (about SG$150) I saw some of my Thai friends using it and was pretty impressed so I bought one myself. Told Mr BLL about it and he got excited and asked me to post some pictures. Since got so many things to say... better to make a video review.

Btw, sorry for the lousy speech as this is taken by myself with no script and in one take only... maybe next time will do a better job. :P

Funny Baby

As of title, here's 3 photos of girl doing funny stuff...

Girl wearing a devil's head band.

Girl wearing wify's pants...

Girl weighing herself...

Every letter makes a sound...

Took a long break from computers as I was working on our old house at Khor Shai. The person renting the place moved out so we took back the house and repainted the whole house by ourselves. Wify was not really involved in the project as she is looking after girl girl. But luckily her cousins were available to help and took us 3 bloody days to go through the job.

This post not really about the house project but the new toy i bought for girl girl... hehe. Its a leapfrog phonic fridge magnet that I got from Singapore last time but only recently brought here by mum and sis. I opened it and it has magnetic letters of the alphabets which you could swapped onto the main console. Press the letter and it will speak out the letter and how to pronounce it phonically. It even has a music button which you press and its sings the ABC song. Since its magnetic (even the console), I stuck all the letters and the console on the safe I had in our room. (girl likes to open the fridge door for no apparent reason, so better not stick it there)

Girl likes it very much leh... especially the letter 'O'. No idea why but everytime I take 'O' out and put some other letters, she would snatched the letter 'O' from me and put it back on... Interesting....

Family photo

My mum and sister were here for the pass 3 days so I spent most of the time entertaining them rather than on the computer. Mum as usual packs loads of food from Singapore to my place and we had a feast here. Even got a can of Mexican abalone. Shiok ah. Since its a rare chance to get all of us together (sister is always busy with work so cannot come that often). So took the chance yesterday to take a family photo. Took out my strobe and soft box and converted my living room into a temporary mini-studio.

The effect is not too bad. Although baby was a bit restless. Just woke up from her nap. Here's one for the record.

Photo Journal - Piyaporn Trail

Its been sometime I have taken any photography assignment. So I decide to take a photo journal of my neighbourhood with my new camera. Very interesting idea and I think I will do it more often. The idea is to journal a series of photos (max 40 photos to simulate taking a roll of film) Do read the comments and captions of each photo to enjoy the whole experience.

Ms Mimic

None other than my girl girl. She's now 18mths and start to develop speech. She do learn fast. Able to correctly point where is her head, eyes, nose, mouth and etc... but still cannot catch ears leh... think not that visible than the others. Anyway, Ms mimic or copycat starts to copy our actions liao. Just took some of her trying to give "mum mum" (milk) to her Tu Ker Tah (Thai word for soft toy). Also wants to use a towel to wrap the toy to her body. Like wify's sarong.
I also noticed she is a bit cunning for her age. She knows how to hide stuffs and will use different tactics to achieve her goals. Most of these goals, are of course off limits for her. Anyway, that day we got a shock when she climbed up to the window grills all by herself. Wife was bathing and she didn't noticed it until I saw it.... scary sia..

Chinese New Year in Thailand

I've chatted with a local Chinese friend recently about the Chinese New Year celebration over here. He told me that although it was not an official public holiday in Thailand, it used to be big in Thailand. People in Bangkok will stop work for at least 3 to 5 days and the bosses (mostly Chinese) would give red packets to their employees or treat them to dinner.

After the 1997 financial crisis, most of the smaller companies were wiped out (mostly owned by Chinese) and post 97, there were an aggressive takeover of companies from investors abroad. Mostly from the US or Europe. Especially the Ma Ma shops (convinient stores) being killed by the Hypermarts (Tesco, Carrefour, Big C etc). So nowadays, Chinese New Year celebration is not as vibrant as it used to be.

Still, the Chinese here will still purchase some decorations and visit relatives and eat their reunion dinner. Small celebration is better then all the hoo-haas we have in Singapore. And the best part is I have not heard one single lame Chinese New Year song on TV or store (even one own by Chinese). Yeah!!!