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Ms Mimic

None other than my girl girl. She's now 18mths and start to develop speech. She do learn fast. Able to correctly point where is her head, eyes, nose, mouth and etc... but still cannot catch ears leh... think not that visible than the others. Anyway, Ms mimic or copycat starts to copy our actions liao. Just took some of her trying to give "mum mum" (milk) to her Tu Ker Tah (Thai word for soft toy). Also wants to use a towel to wrap the toy to her body. Like wify's sarong.
I also noticed she is a bit cunning for her age. She knows how to hide stuffs and will use different tactics to achieve her goals. Most of these goals, are of course off limits for her. Anyway, that day we got a shock when she climbed up to the window grills all by herself. Wife was bathing and she didn't noticed it until I saw it.... scary sia..

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Balonglong said...

kid as usual la, like to climb here and there... Must be more careful on them lo :] 24 hr alert! he he he the pic is cute.. who tie the towel 4 her eh? :} how long can she mimic this game? of feed Tu Ker Tah, will she play a while xian then throw away??