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Time Flies

3 more days and I will be back in Singapore. Time really flies. I have spent another 90 days in Thailand and with baby. Alas, this time round will probably be the last time for the next few years that I will stay that long.

The plan now is to get a proper job in Singapore and work my ass off.. Need moola liao.. Will miss girl but no choice lah... Most probably I will still fly back often but will stay for only a few days or at most a week.

Meanwhile, girl is now learning lots of words and being Kay Poh (busybody). hehee.. Will update more when I return.

Have not been blogging as I have not turn my computer on that often. Things will change once I'm back in SG.

1 comment:

neobc said...

Not that we encourage you to "leave" your family, but all the friends here are waiting for your return too, bro!

Till we catch up again when you are back, take care yah...