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I've been Simpsonized!

Found this interesting website that could Simpsonize your photo. Hehe.. tried it out and quite fun. Somre more its free. Not very accurate for the auto mode but you could refine it actually.


kc said...

hi there, i find your blog interesting as im also thinking of retiring away from sg to settle down in the land of smiles someday, may i ask abt your plans to start a small business there.. are there alot of business opportunities in mae sai, what are they? isnt mae sai a rather quiet laid back place? thanks brother.

FatBoi IN MaeSai said...

Hi kc, thanks for the comment. I would write something about business opportunities in Thailand some other time. Its a bit complicated to start your own business in Thailand due to the unfavorable laws against foreigners.

kc said...

yes, it is a popular practice in thailand to make use of proxies for investments.. catch up with u later.