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Job Hunting

I've been back from Thailand for almost a week and has not written much for the pass few days. The main reason for not writing was because I went job hunting. Remember this post?? :P

Anyway, so far so good I went for 2 interviews and both seems promising. One is a shift based work as a network support engineer while the other is a software developer (or programmer). I am hoping to get the former job as I am really really sicked of programming stuff. Playing with CISCO's router is always my dream job and this is really an opportunity for me.

Since I was busy, I did not have the time to think "too" much also. Which means this time round, I am not as depressed as I used to be. Still chat with wify and girl on the phone and on Skype. Girl girl got friends to play so I not around also like "bo chap" (not bothered)

There are certain changes in Singapore for the pass 3 months and I would write that in the next post.

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