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Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000

The thing about coming back to Singapore is that you get to see more gadgets. Anyway, I was fustrated of getting my lousy genius webcam to focus correctly so I went shopping for a more powderful webcam. Had been doing my research and most people still say Logitech is the best. Saw this little baby at Sim Lim which has a built in mic, auto focus and bloody Carl Zeiss glass lens leh!!! wat lau, macham BMW or Mercedes of webcam. Bit the bullet and bought one. Cost me bloody $170.

At first a bit heart pain but after the installation, money is well worth spent. The quality is much better and I do not even need to turn on my table lamp to get a bright image.

The software bundled is also a joy to use. It has this fun filter that you could apply live from the camera. Thinks like accessories (see pic of ballon hat) and other stuffs. The face tracking also works very well, It actually tracks your face and zoom in or out if you move.

So happy I was with this little cam that I bought another one so I could install it in Thailand (like dat can see girl girl clearer). And by the way, job is secured and I am signing the contract this friday. I would also be away from 23 to 27 March. Since got ample time, decided to go back 5 days to wife and baby. hehehe...

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