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One week

So I'm back from Thailand for a week and its a weird experience. Besides looking for a job. I am also in the SAF IPT program to try to siam (get away) for the yearly remedial program. IPT is a new program that is suppose to help people to pass their IPPT. But it seems that the RT people heard about the incentives of the 8 sessions of IPT. (You complete the 8 sessions and even if you fail, you get to clear your IPPT this year, which means no need to take 12 more sessions of RT.) So I'm not surprised so many RT jokers were in the IPT program (including myself)

At the meantime, I sent my camera for recalibration and met some old friends and colleagues. My old boss at Bizwebs is still fine and we chatted.

Service in Singapore so far actually improved a bit liao. Especially my experience with Sony Service Centre and Starhub.

Overall, everything looks extremely positive. Just on Friday, my "soon-to-be" boss from the network company called me up and sort of gave me a confirmation of my job. Suppose to sign the contract within next week and start work in April. So more or less I will be in Singapore for a longer period of time liao.

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