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PUMA TIME Heart Rate Monitor

I've talked about interval training and have not been following the routine as its tough for me to gauge my limits. Meaning that normally after 2 intervals, I get too tired to push to the 3rd one. So I read up about how to gauge your workout load through a heart rate monitor. Its quite a simple way of monitoring your heart rate while you workout to maximise the type of routine (cardio or fat burning) you want to achieve.

So went down to hunted around for a heart rate monitor watch that I could wear. Spotted this from PUMA at Bencoolen plaza going for $170. Bargain till $150 and managed to try it today. I have to say it really works but the ECG band is a bit uncomfy leh... like wearing a bra (not that I wore one before).. Overall, I actually completed a 4km run much faster and less tiring then I used to be. Mainly because if my heart rate does not hit my desired upper or lower threshold, it will give off beeps to tell me to slow down( or speed up). Those who are into running or seriously want to loose weight should get one. It really does help!

For more information, try these sites for more information on desired target training heart rate.

This site gives the different zones for different types of workout you want to achieve (fat burning, endurance, cardio, strength etc)

For the more hardcore and particular one, read up on this one to see how to determine your real max heart rate (important to know your max to set up your training zone)

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