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I am surprised!!

The intention of this blog is actually to inform my friends in SG about my issues and life in Thailand. Basically, whenever I go away for sometime, my friends would asked me about what's happening to me and I get tired of repeating myself. Thus the birth of this blog. :)

But recently, there was a spike of activity on my blog. Not sure for whatever reasons, my readership increased quite a lot for the pass 2 months.. Maybe its the business guide (still yet to be completed) entry.

Anyway, I'm glad to learn I'm not the only odd person from SG that plans to reside in a developing or third world country as most Singaporeans would prefer to migrate to the States or Australia.

I'll try to post more information regarding Thailand from nowadays for these new audiences and if you have any questions, do just post a comment on the latest post. I always read my comments and if I have the answer, I will definitely help you out. However, sometimes I may take more time to reply as I am still adjusting myself to my new job in SG.

Thanks again for visiting my humble blog.

All worked up...

Just an update on wife and baby first. Both of them are fine and I actually went back to Thailand on Monday on urgent leave and returned back on Wednesday. The shortest trip I ever took to Maesai. And its quite adventurous in a way too. (more on that in another entry)

Came back to work and still find getting hard to adjust myself to working within a company. I guessed I really have spent too much time freelancing for the pass 3 years. Getting myself to routines and rigid work processes are a bit daunting for me. Alas, no choice since I already signed the contract and need the extra cash too.

So I guess I won't be writing as often as my work are 12 hour shifts and most of the time I would be poof when I'm at home. I even got lazy and stopped my workout routine. (Very very bad excuse) I am still coughing though, so I guess its unwise to go run too... Anyway, hope I can adjust back to this new lifestyle asap.

Getting worried

Wife and girl girl went back to Myanmar, Kengtung since 11th April. Her brother called once on 14, informing me that they will be back on 17th. 3 days passed and no news at all... Getting worried liao.

Not sure what to do, my job just started and my wife is again not understanding my predicament. I'm alright if she wish to stay a bit longer with her grandfather but at least, try to inform me about it. I also know its difficult to make an International call from her place but why can't she just inform some of our friends in Maesai and give me an assurance.

Its this constant lack of empathy of my feelings that I get so so tired sometimes. She can be good someday but sometimes just plain nasty on these things.

hope the best to come and wait till monday.. If not, most probably will need to talk to my boss and ask for some urgent compassionate leave to settle this. Worst still, I most probably have to travel up to Keng Tung alone and search for my missing wife and baby.

I'm not angry with her, I'm just so sad and disappointed.

Japanese Sumo POWER!!!

Stumbled on this on youtube... power sia... even got one whole series heheheh

really like the sound effects though

by the way, this is just one of the series, you could find more at youtube... hehehe

Start work liao...

Completed my ICT last week. The last two days kena MC for flu. Wat lau, fever and pain everywhere. Still coughing till now.

Today started work at Datacraft as an Insite Engineer. It has been sometime I work for someone and think I would need to take some time to get used to it. Basically my job scope is to manage calls and provide Level 1 support (helpdesk) and also pre-active monitoring of routers and switches on my station (got 2 to 3 screens leh)

Quite hectic when things are running (very much like an ops room scenario in army)

Anyway, so far the colleagues I have met are very friendly and helpful.. Still going through the training phase (2 weeks) before I start my shift work. So I guess this blog will not be updated as often.

Wify and girl girl now in Kengtung to celebrate their Songkran (Thailand's new Year). Have not spoke to her since Friday. Missed them so very very much....

Work in progress

I am in reservist for the pass week and also been working on some personal project. Anyway, I got myself a new "toy" recently and its pretty cool. Would write more about it soon but here's a preview of what my toy could do :P

* Seems like Starhub blocked port 80.... anyway, here's the updated link :P

Thailand Business Guide (Chapter 1.2)

Sorry for the delay as just came back and have to go reservist. Anyway, starting a business in the rural or semi rural areas are also another possibility. The town you choose need to be big enough (for the population) and potential to grow (if you really want your business to take off)

Some towns you could consider are Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui, Kachanaburi and Maesai.

I am currently staying in Maesai, thus I would focus on this town which I knew best.

Maesai is the most northern town in whole of Thailand. About 74km away from Chiang Rai (city) in Chiang Rai state. The town borders Myanamr's Thachilek. Over here, most of the core businesses here sells jeweleries and stones (raw). Maesai used to be an important gem stone trading post (till now it is) but its already lost much of its stone traders to Kachanaburi and Bangkok. This is mainly because Myanmar's Mogok rubies are actually running out. Moreover, just in year 2000, Maesai was bombed by shells fired by Myanmar's Junta chasing the Shan rebels. So after the scarce, most of them actually closed shop.

Other shops are mostly catered to tourists. There used to be a lot of farangs or foreigners would come here monthly to do their VISA run (30 day stamps) but since the october 2006 ruling of limiting 90 days limit. But the local Thais from the south still frequent here in the cool season to have their holidays and shopping. So the town is always crowded from Oct till May.

Maesai is developing at an exponential pace as it serves as a trade portal for goods from Myanmar and China. Already, they are building another bridge (just near my house) for the trucks of goods and imports.

Opportunities here are great. If you have a lot of capital you might want to consider doing an import/export business. Provided you are sure what are the things that Thai's would want to buy.

Law and order is average. No better than those in the city but the good thing is that most people here are definitely more friendly and helpful than those in the cities.

If you plan to retire here and start a small business to earn some extra cash. The easiest would be to open a small shop selling clothes or a restaurant. Rental is consider cheap for shop houses furthur away from the main road. While rentals at the main road could be exponentially expensive. (10,000 baht for a small unit)