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Getting worried

Wife and girl girl went back to Myanmar, Kengtung since 11th April. Her brother called once on 14, informing me that they will be back on 17th. 3 days passed and no news at all... Getting worried liao.

Not sure what to do, my job just started and my wife is again not understanding my predicament. I'm alright if she wish to stay a bit longer with her grandfather but at least, try to inform me about it. I also know its difficult to make an International call from her place but why can't she just inform some of our friends in Maesai and give me an assurance.

Its this constant lack of empathy of my feelings that I get so so tired sometimes. She can be good someday but sometimes just plain nasty on these things.

hope the best to come and wait till monday.. If not, most probably will need to talk to my boss and ask for some urgent compassionate leave to settle this. Worst still, I most probably have to travel up to Keng Tung alone and search for my missing wife and baby.

I'm not angry with her, I'm just so sad and disappointed.