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Start work liao...

Completed my ICT last week. The last two days kena MC for flu. Wat lau, fever and pain everywhere. Still coughing till now.

Today started work at Datacraft as an Insite Engineer. It has been sometime I work for someone and think I would need to take some time to get used to it. Basically my job scope is to manage calls and provide Level 1 support (helpdesk) and also pre-active monitoring of routers and switches on my station (got 2 to 3 screens leh)

Quite hectic when things are running (very much like an ops room scenario in army)

Anyway, so far the colleagues I have met are very friendly and helpful.. Still going through the training phase (2 weeks) before I start my shift work. So I guess this blog will not be updated as often.

Wify and girl girl now in Kengtung to celebrate their Songkran (Thailand's new Year). Have not spoke to her since Friday. Missed them so very very much....

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