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Birthday Girl

Tomorrow is Girl girl's birthday, she's going to be 2 years old. My mum is already over there (since 13th) as a representative for me. (I can't go as still on probation)

Time really flies. She was also due for her annual injection. Just yesterday, she went for her jab. hehe.. Wife told me that she complained the nurse who administer the jab. And point finger at her and said in Thai "Papa will come and beat you!" hoo... I stress liao.

There's also feedback from my mum that my girl girl is the unofficial "leader" of the gang of kids around my neighbourhood liao. There are around 5 babies around my daughter's age (plus minus 1). They kind of learn and follow all the bad stuff my girl is doing. And she's the most creative in causing trouble. Just last night, she was standing while bending her head down and pee at the same time.... headache liao

Anyway, I missed them so much and really regret not being able to be there on her 2 year old birthday. Already ask my mum to pass my birthday present to her and she likded it a lot (A box of Duplo). So hopefully next year I would be around.

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Kai_Bros said...

Happy Birthday to Xin Hui, may she be blessed with happiness and good health! :)