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Cycling to work

I am working on night shift today (8pm to 8am) and its also the first time I cycle to my new workplace at Kaki Bukit. I had studied the maps and found the nearest and safest path to work is just a mere 5km ride. The path that I took is actually the Park connector from East Coast Park all the way to Bedok Reservoir Park. I am quite familiar with this route as I always jog along that connector. The whole ride only took me about 20mins. And I rode at a leisurely pace. Which is quite surprising to me as the bus ride took almost the same amount of time. Moreover, I still need to wait for our so called "world class transport". The route is also very safe, only need to cross 6 road junctions with traffic lights in total and some riding within the HDB carpark. So I guess I will ride my bike to work more often.

Speaking of my bike, its an honour to say that it has served me for 7 years liao. Time really flies man... :)

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