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My new bike.

Ok. I think some of you guys following my blog knows that I cycled to work. But my mountain bike is heavy and big and I constantly worried that it will get stolen (lots of factory workers and foreign workers at Kaki Bukit). Thus it crossed my mind one day to get a bike that is fold able, so I could carry it into my office.

Surprised to find that actually foldies are actually a hit in SG already. Anyway, went to a local foldie forum and saw this little gem. Its called Strida bike. I actually want to get the version 3.3 (cheaper) but I am sold on the disc brakes and aluminium frame and paid 300 more for the version 5.0.

The shop is at Lavendar. The husband and wife who owns the shop showed me various ways of folding and unfolding the bike. It actually is the easiest to fold among the few foldies they are selling in their shop. They are also very friendly and actually asked me for my riding style and preference before recommending me the Strida. So I bought it on the spot and immediately took a ride on it to Lavendar MRT. It may look flimsy in the pictures you see but it actually is very sturdy. You need to get a bit used to it though as just a small arm movement will cause it to swerve. The idea is to relax your arms a bit...

I got onto the train and a lot of people just looked at my new bike... hehehe... Got off at Kembangan and rode home. Very pleasant ride and although its only 1-speed, it is takes little effort to climb slopes as the front gear is huge!

Highly recommended for those who wants to stop using feeder services or even buses.

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