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Where is our public interest?

Its raining today and I can't cycle to work. So I took my usual SBS Transit bus to work this morning and have to wait for 20 mins for my bus to arrive. Did I ever mentioned that my ride to office is the same time I waited for my bus? :)

Anyway, on the bus I saw the new law that inform us "the passengers" not to cheat with our fares or else we get seriously fined....

I wonder. Our gahment (most gahment actually, even in Thailand) enact such laws to protect these corporations rather than the other way round. What happened to our public interest. I mean its ok to have such laws in place but Public Transport is a necessity service, especially for those who can't afford a car or for other various reasons. So where are the laws that protect the passengers (or the consumers who paid for the service?)

Here's my list of fines that can be issued to SBS transit.

Fines for
1) Buses that has no air-con but charge air-conditioned prices.
2) Buses that are late in schedule
3) Buses that are not clean and smells
4) Buses that are leaky while it rains
5) Buses that are clearly overloaded with passengers and yet still try to pick up more.
6) Buses that overcharge the EZ-link card.
6) Bus drivers that are rude and breaks harshly
and etc....

Please don't give excuses for not implementing these hor. Since you already have resources to "patrol" these buses and give certain power to the inspectors to issue such fines. So at the meantime since we have no people "patrolling" or really "monitoring" for us. (Please don;t say LTA is monitoring, i doubt they ever take buses to work). WE as a consumer has the absolute right to not pay for such rides in full price as the service is not up to standard. This is a win-win solution.

And yes, I will not pay full price (tap my EZ-link card earlier) to deny these corporation. I have no problem paying full-price, so long its up to my standard. You want to fine me, I will fight all the way to the court room.

You heard that SBS Transit and LTA?


kc said...

Fatboi, you are not the only one frustrated with the bus system in singapore, I have wrote 2 letters to them and the changes are pathetically slow. I believe the practice of allowing profits to overide public convenience helps explain many of the woes in singapore, including low bus frequency outside peak hours. If everything is based on profit factors, then there is no need for a government, just let the businessmen and tycoons run the country. Look at Singapore Post, the stamps have creap up from 5cts to 10cts to 22cts to 26cts. Soon, it will be 50cts and still going up, doubling exponentially then. I know, 50cts is no big deal, except that the 1,000 per cent rise in postage cannot be logically justified. But then, in Singapore, nothing needs to be justified otherwise the civil servants wudnt be getting their astronomical wages when the majority does not seems to buy that.

Balonglong said...

4) Buses that are leaky while it rains

I complain this dont know how many dinosaur month. act blur till now..
so what to do... act blur is the way man.. for them