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Landscape at Maesai

DSC01318I took many landscape photos at Maesai before and I have been looking for the perfect spot to photograph some mountains around my neighborhood. This time, my Ang Mo friend gave me the exact location for taking this. As the weather was cloudy and its not at the best time to take it. I don't think I did justice to the view there but this is my first try. Most probably my next trip I will try again at a better time and weather. I took some IR version of it too but I have not processed them yet. Will post them once I have them done.

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Sandra said...

I was doing a search for Maesai (since we're considering maybe to rent a house in Maesai) for our holidays there and I came across yr blog. I have been spending some time of and on reading yr blog. Interesting, and thanks for the infos and pictures you have added to yr blog.
Wise choice to move there I should say.
Take care,