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Sorting my girl's photos.

I had a few days break and was busy sorting through my daughter's photos that I've taken since she was born and was still half way through. I think I took about thousands of them and most of them are out of focus shots anyway. (My girl can never be still).

Now she is 2 years plus and kind of understand when to "pose" for photographs but she always rushes to me when I just took a picture. Digital mah, want to see the instant review. So its still quite tough trying to take a series of her expression.

Anyway, here's some latest I took just recently. Click here to view more on my facebook.


Sandra said...

Very nice shot of dad and daughter. Reading thru yr blog, I find you a good dad and husband.

My mom once said that for every problem there is a solution, maybe 2 solutions.

xiaojeppon said...

Let's see what the government says about improving birth rate. adoption of your child from thailand should not be a problem if DNA can be used as prove. Why not explore on this part. Also, if your wife is willing, ask her to make a burmese passport, then you can bring her back to singapore. The rest should be easy.

Sandra said...

I think that children born of singapore parent and living overseas are allowed to have dual nationality until they are 21 yrs old.