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Politics in Thailand.

Alas... just when things sound promising for my wife. Thai politics is into another low point again. The recent ugly protests and standoffs seems so deja vu again...

The problem with PM Samak is that he is not as decisive as he looks. He should have asked the court to apply for warrants of arrest for the leaders of PAD long before it blew out of hand. Now its a bit too late. The only two person who could intervene are either the King or the Chief of Army.

Still, my fingers are crossed and hopefully, everything will be resolved as fast as possible.

Politics in Thailand has always been ugly. Filled with scandals and corruption. But yet the country is still progressing (much much slower pace though). So kind of makes one wonder.... If such an incident happens in Singapore, such a major protest that will upset the gahment... what would really happen? Would our army intervene? Still trying hard to picture it. heheh


xiaojeepon said...

The scene in Thailand will never be seen in Singapore. Because those who are wearing uniform only listen to the garment, and those who are planning to protest are gone way before they had a chance to sleep on the streets. Not even close to the garment offices. The only place, either lockup or lockin....Until we have another alternative strong voice in these offices, else we shall always listen to the men and women in white with black belt.

I think apart from Bangkok, other parts of thailand are still desirable to live in. These fighting are for the rich and would a farmer understand the works of the garment?

gerald said...

hello fat boi
would you mind answering my questions
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