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The problem with gadgets...

First of all, I want to inform the reader that I myself is hooked to all sorts of new gadgets that are available in the market. Be it electronically sophisticated or as mundane as a piece of magnet.

The most phenomenal lead in improvement is our little mobile phone. Wow. No longer we could just make calls. Now we can take photos, listen to music, watch videos and surf the web on it. All on a little piece of plastic and silicon. I'm not sure who came first came up with the idea of combining an mp3 player to a mobile phone (Sony?) and its a great idea. (I have one too) But the idea is not that great when you allow some joker to play their favourite tune (blarring distorted notes) at a public space such as a bus or coffee shop. I have encountered several times these "people who thinks that they have the right" to play their music loudly anywhere they like. Come on, why don't you just use a headphone instead like we used to do? No matter how good is the song, it won't be nice if it's coming out from a small speaker of a mobile phone right?

Speaking of phone. Apple's iPhone or those PSP and Nintendo DS are great too. So are those PVP (I have one too!) I watched movies on them while I'm on the plane to Thailand or back. Or in a bus. And all the times, with my headphones on and seated in a comfortable position. And I do make sure that I only turn my gadgets on when the plane took off and the seatbelt sign is off. But do I watch my PVP with my headphones while walking? Nope. But nowadays, I see kids and teenagers trying to commit suicide by playing their PSP or watching a movie on the little mobile phones or PVP with their headphones while walking on the pedestrian crossings or along the road. So I guess the kids here either has another set of eyes or some sonar detection devices that helps them to navigate while they pound the keys on their screen....

Sad to say. Gadgets are cool. The problem is how we kind of abuses it and cause inconvenience to others or harms to ourselves. Guess something "bad" will happen and our gahment will be our Nanny again regarding this issue.

PS. Anyone can tell me where to get the Sonar Navigational system that these PSPians are using. Would like to get one to play with it.

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kc said...

Hi Fatboi,

when you are free pls give me some advice on my forthcoming journey to chiangmai..

what airline is best in terms of fares, shud i fly to chiangmai direct or bkk and take a train up north? i heard the journey by train is 12 hours, is it easy to find the station at mochit bkk? anything to pay attention to? is chiangmai an expensive place compared to bkk?

thanks for the heads up buddy.