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Some good news

Basically its regarding my wife's Thai id card. Recently with some help, she managed to get the first step of owning "Sian Chat" (citizenship) and was asked to go for an interview at her district office.

Since we already "paved" our way in. The interview was a success and now have to wait for a few more months before the next step.

All in all, its good as there is some progress rather than none at all. The political situation in Thailand has not improved and I'm a bit worried that another coup will occur and everything is back to square one again (like last time).

So finger crossed and hopefully, everything can be settled by end of the year. So wify and girl girl can come to SG during CNY 2009 to celebrate together with Grandma and auntie... :P


xiaojeppon said...

This is great news!

Kai_Bros said...

That is good news. Wish you all good luck!

Sandra said...

That's fantastic news! Let's hope for all things to work out well for your family. All the best !

kc said...

Wow that's goal in the making.. all the best!