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A Story about Strollers

Recently on the local SG papers were tons of letter about Singaporean parents and their strollers.

I have bought one in Thailand and sad to say is that its totally under utilised. That's because my girl doesn't like to sit in it and interestingly noted is that here in Thailand, most of them don't use strollers. They carry their babies or even just let them walk on their own. My girl now is 2 plus and she don't even want us to carry her at all when we go out. So sometimes my wife and I really have some headache when we go shopping. Because girl girl would always struggle free from our hands and ran off on her on. Jia lat man.

So back to the story of strollers. I chatted with my cousin a week before the newspaper outburst and he too mentioned to me about the recent "increase" in seeing parents or grandparents pushing a stroller with a 6 or 7 year old kid in it. I told him as I didn't noticed that but I started to monitor this situation myself. Today I went down to Parkway Parade with a friend for breakfast and I did noticed this strange phenomenon. My cousin was actually right!!!

I saw not 1 but at least 3 sets of parents with their HUGE strollers. Their kid is definitely above 3 or 4 years old and they are happily seating in their strollers while their parents push their "SUV" in the crowded shopping mall. Really interesting scene.

I'm not sure what's really happening to typical Singaporean parents nowadays? Are they pampering their kids? Or is it the kids will behave better if they are just sitting in their strollers? Is it for the protection of their kids? Since its crowded and they are afraid that their kids will get knocked down by some clumsy adults?

I think for safety reasons, maybe a kid less than 5 years old on a stroller is fine with me. But those strollers are HUGE man, not those that I sat last time while I was a baby. (I used to walk all the time and my father or mother will carry me if I'm too tired. And I clearly remember that I never go to the shopping mall before my 8th birthday. And the stroller is only for the beach or parks.)

So to conclude this post. Anyone interested in buying my under-utilised stroller please drop me a mail... Item is in Thailand though..... And yeah, its those HUGE types oso (wify picked one).

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HH said...

I just saw another kid, about 7 years old, sitting in a stroller playing with his Nintendo DS yesterday.

I tried to analysis is this a Singapore Phenomenon and what could be a reason for this.

So here are there folks:

1.The kids are just plain lazy to walk.

2.The parents are just plain lazy to look after there kids.

3.The strollers are good for carry shopping bags as well.

4.Strollers can by used as battering rams at shopping centers.

5.Singaporean kids are spoilt, they are used to step out of the house, get into the car, get out of the car, get into a stroller…. see point 1.

So is so dangerous about walking in our air-conditioned shopping malls. If you get hit by some one then you get up. No big deal.

If you afraid to get hit, then just don’t go the overly crowded shopping malls. Bring you bloody strollers to the beach or park or to the NDP.