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Cost of living in Maesai

gerald said...

hello fat boi
would you mind answering my questions
what the monthly costs(estimated) of living in maesai?
how much do you pay for your house?


Another reader Gerald asked about my monthly cost in Maesai. So for basic necessity like utility bills. Here's a breakdown of the latest charges (prices increased in Thailand :( ).

my rates are rounded up 100B = $4.5SGD so actually should be lesser.

Water bills average between 250B to 350B ($12 - $16)
Drinking Water 12B/Gallon House of 4 needs average 5 gallons/week 280B($13)
Electricity average between 1000B to 1500B ($45 - $68)
Phone and Internet(2MBps ADSL) 1200B ($54 We never use the phone for outgoing as its more expensive than mobile! But the incoming is free though...)
Petrol for my motorbikes 600B ($27 I don't go out often :P)
My Burmese maid 1500B per month ($68 really cheap labour but sometimes I give her more if she did a good job, and she gets to eat whatever we eat and has day off every week)

So if you take the maximum (do take note that I stay in a single story detached House.)
It will be $246. Make it safe, $300SGD for utilities and the pay my maid.

Food wise is subjective. Let's say you don't cook at all. 100B per head for each person per day is quite luxurious (A plate or bowl of noodle is 30B for large portion). So my household is Wife, baby, maid plus me(I not around at the moment though) So its 400B per day. 30 days is 12000B which converted is $540SGD
Of course, if you cook yourself, the cost will be even cheaper.....

So total is SGD$840.

I send at least SGD$1000 every month and of course my wife gets to save some money out of it.

That's the normal expenditure for a house of 4 in Maesai. Of course it can be more than that as there are diapers, sweets and shopping for clothes etc etc.... It really depends on how you spend. :P So I can safely say that SGD$1000 is quite comfortable and considered to be luxurious for Maesai's standard.

Cheap anot? Feel like going already liao right?? hehehe


Sandra said...

Hi Fatboi, our plans are to come to stay in Mae Chin every winter. We initially thought of 6 months, but I think now looks like 3 months (no visa hassle).
Alot to look into. My thai friend and her ang mo husband live in Mae chin during winter time. That's how we get the idea of wanting to spend winter there.
I really really hope my dreams will come true.
Security okay ah there?
See lah how our plans work. We're just hoping for the best.
Take care,

FatBoi IN MaeSai said...

Hi Sandra,

Mae Chin? Is it in the Chiang Rai or Chiang Mai province? I think you mean Mae Chan? I heard of Mae Fa Luang, Mae Lao and Mae Chan in the state of Chiang Rai. Not too sure about your location though.

Generally Thailand is pretty safe. Just don't show off your wealth and just be wary of those who are suddenly too friendly to you and want to sell you gem stones.

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot man
i really appreciate the reply

thanks again.

Sandra said...

*smile* .... my mistake, you are right, mae chan, chang rai.
Originally my plan was to spend 6 mths in Singa and 6 months here, but can't stand the rush and stress in Sing. Need some quite peaceful life.
Thanks for all yr info Fatboi. Appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

hi fatboi

what is the price of your house
saw the photos before
do you consider yourself well off in maesai


xiaojeppon said...

Thanks Fatboi for the updates...I am sure there are some startup cost to consider for example leasing of land and building a house or rental of apartment for long term. Basically, 1K SGD is relatively low for monthly expenses compare to living in singapore for a small family of 4 or 5. I have had experience living there for about a week or so. Basically, knowing and able to speak thai goes a long way in terms of getting good prices for goods or services.

kc said...

I suppose the SGD1K monthly expenses without factoring in rent implies a good life in Maesai but the drawback must be the absence of city buzz, not that it is anything to be missed. I wouldnt mind trading my present lifestyle for this anyday. Mae Fa Luang Garden is a breathtaking place which I hope to visits. It is where the well travelled Princess (I tot it was Queen) mother spend her last days. Hey cant wait to get out there.. hmmm