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The Current Thai Politcal Crisis

I have refrained myself from writing about this issue for sometime as its a pretty complicated from an outsider's point of view. So these are just my opinions on the situation and may not reflect the true nature behind all these chaos.

The problem with Samak is that he is definitely not as charismatic as Thaksin. He won because he was leading the PPP and during the election, he proudly proclaimed to be a proxy of Thaksin. So thus, he won easily (I think most will agree on this point).

You may asked why then, such a corrupted (well the Thai courts say so) leader such as Thaksin still managed to get so many people supporting him? The main reason is still that the poor in the North (especially the farmers) and Northeast are still loyal to him. Because while he was in office, their standard of living has definitely improved (I can safely said this as I first went to Maesai in 1999 and comparing it with today, it was really really different). Roads are more well build. The people are richer. There are Internet cafes with pretty good speed and etc. He was also the one who dared to implement the now popular 30baht fee to see a doctor. So you can't really blame these people who voted for him as to them, he was their hero. Their voice.

The recent crisis we see Samak more or less being isolated and even the people in the North wants him out. I think mainly because they felt betrayed by the fact that he did not vocally supported Thaksin's return and keeping his distance away from him. Another reason is that the Northern Thais are not as vocal as those in Bangkok. And even worse, we are sure that the Army really doesn't supports him.

So the next few months will be quite interesting. Most probably we will have another election and I do hope those PAD leaders will be arrested for the recent events. These jokers are actually quite dangerous as they believed in mob rules rather than real democracy. As I have told a friend before. No matter how righteous you may declare yourself to be. You should respect the law and the current government till the end of the term. If you are able to prove that they are corrupt or a cheat (in elections). Then bring them to court. (Thai courts are quite independant from the legislatives as proven). Social discord and disobedient should be the final straw if the courts are unfair. They way they behave are like spoiled brats. Creating havoc and damage to the country because their demands are not met.

Same goes to Samak. Stop being power crazy and resign and let another PPP candidate take over. If not, call for fresh elections and win this time without proclaiming yourself to be Thaksin's proxy (see if you can win :P) But I guess its too late for him now.

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kc said...

Before he even became a PM, Thaksin was already a big ticket item. The subsequent telco boom years, while he was in office, just put him where he is today.

Cant one believes all the spins and hype that were made of him, when his nemesis controls the media.
If accounts and statistics can be manipulated to suit the designs of the day, mass communications should not be any different.

Thaksin my not be a perfect person, who is? Yet he has done more for his country than any of his peers, street protestors and conniving back stabbers included. As you have mentioned, the progress and prosperity from his tenure are visible for all to see, no amount of twisted rhetorics from the rebels and their blinded followers will better that.

If Thaksin is guilty conscious, he wouldnt have returned confidentally in the first place. The fact that he quitted the country suddenly and sought asylum in another, does not incriminate him to any wrong doings, no matter what the media's take is. Short of being tried in a kangaroo court by like minded opponents, Thaksin has not being proven to be corrupt beyond doubt. This came after 2 intensive years of fault finding.

The media has a lot to say about the former PM so far, what is missing from their discussions is the fact that you dun remove a democratically elected head of state in this thug like manner and think you are clever. As long as huge personal stakes and self interests are in a state of flux, this comedy of errors will continue to be played out at the great expense of the common people in the country.