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Just as I thought. Things not that smooth

Think the title summarise today's interview. Seems like there are some paperworks that are missing and the date of my wife getting her current id is not in line with Maesai's rule.(bit complicated, not sure how to explain also). So her birth cert was denied for the moment. Now have to check again with the other district officer on whether she can apply anot.

Sighzz... So used to this type of news. Wify also bad mood. Spent so much effort and wasted her aunties(3 old ladies) time at the district office.

Anyway, Thai politics is going haywire again. Thankfully the north is not affected much by the incidents in Bangkok. Hope everything clears before my trip back at the end of the month.


Sandra said...

So sorry to hear about the misfortunes. But anyway, let's keep hoping lah that somehow all matters will get solved. Keep your chin up and try to stay strong.
I know easy for others to speak but you and your family are the ones going thru. What I want to say is don't give up faith. Let's hope for the best.

Balonglong said...

Ya.. Bo Bian.. must be positive. all the best Man!

Anonymous said...

hello fat boi
would you mind answering my questions
what the monthly costs(estimated) of living in maesai?
how much do you pay for your house?


kc said...

Life is a journey, one brief setback doesnt complete the picture. There are many opportunities and ways to solve a problem, just dun get too disappointed with the first try. Cheer up buddy.