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Time flies!

Wow! I'm a bit surprised by how time flies when you are busy. 12 more days and I will be in Thailand again. Hopefully by then all those political mess will be resolved as I may need to stay a night in BKK to settle some personal matters...

This trip will be 2 days longer than the last last one :P So already prepared most of the stuff that I need to carry back this time. Jetstar screwed up as it canceled (2 weeks before departure some more!!) its morning flight to BKK (think the protests is hurting the airlines business) . The next available flight is in the evening so I asked for a refund instead and got myself Tiger Air (Arrrgh ... the most jialat budget airline). Lucky its cheap lah, paid SGD100+ for the morning flight. The real pain in the ass is the Budget Terminal (I avoid it at all cost).

So from today onwards, I will be working night shift till 21st. So I guess there will be more posts this month....

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Sandra said...

Your wife and daughter will be very happy to see you.
Happy for you that you will be seeing them soon.