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Bangkok Revisited

It's been almost3 years since I last stepped into Bangkok city centre.  As my flight back to Singapore is at  9pm.  I have 5 to 6 hours to spare.  So instead of doing nothing at the airport.  I took the airport express bus A4 to MBK (Mah Brong Krong).  Its equivalent to the Orchard road in Singapore.  I have not taken a cab to the city from the new airport and its really much furthur then Don Meaung (the old airport).  The express bus took about an hour to reach my destination.  (Pretty good considering the heavy traffic.  MBK did not changed much at all.  I think Singapore is changing more then BKK regarding the development.  I went to eat the Suki buffet.  (price increased liao)  Used to be 199 baht for an hour and 15 mins.   Now its 270 inclusive of tax.  After my dinner, walked a bit and hop onto the BTS to furthur east of the city to get out of the city jam and took a cab there back to airport.  After all these year in Thailand,  I still don't like BKK.  Not sure why but its the place I would avoid to go in Thailand.   

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