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Camera wishlist. - The A900

Wow. time really flies when you are working! I have not checked my blog for 8 days!!
Anyway, planning to save up to get this camera. Not cheap whor... 4kSGD. Can easily buy 2 motorbikes in Thailand!

Do I really need it, well I always dream of having a Full Frame DSLR. So when Sony finally release their A900 flagship, I went straight to a Sonystyle shop to try it out. Picture quality and the resolution is damn impressive (highest amount of MP in the FF now). Interface is the same as my A700 but the point to note is the bloody viewfinder. Finally get to see a film camera size viewfinder. Bright and 100% coverage which means I no longer need to squint my eyes to peer through the little hole in my current camera. (I wear spectacles and this makes it worst)

But... 4k leh.... think if I buy, wife will seriously kill me liao.... so just a wishlist. Hopefully price will drop (sure will lah) and then i grab later... hehehe

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