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It's BUY

Stock market has crashed!! Already I have made some bargain purchases in the local market. Some my friends and colleagues says it will go even lower, so why buy now??

The main reason is that when its that low. Nobody will sell it anyway. So the best time to buy is actually when the market is going down, but have not bottomed out. Then what you do is to hold the stock for as long as possible (long term investments of at least 2 years). So even if the stock does not rebound. You most probably will get something out of their dividends payout. (I always look out for companies that are financially sound and has a good roadmap)

So what did I invested this time?? :) Just some stocks on energy related, agriculture and communications. As the title suggest. Now's the time to BUY... hehehe


gerald said...

hey fatboi, it is gerald here
hey need your help on some very important questions to me

1.i need to find a friend in maesai and she is a local but the problem is i only have her name and photos, any ways or chances to find her like going to the police station to check.

2.i really want to know how much does an average maesai local earn per month.

3.lastly may i know what the price ranges of a house similar like yours costs in maesai.

maybe someday i will also reside there

god bless you and your family

FatBoi IN MaeSai said...

1. If its a friend of yours, I strongly advise not to go to the police station. They are a bunch of leeches. They may cause more trouble for you and your friend then help. Try to ask around the market or if you know where she used to stay, ask her neighbour will be better.

2. This is a very tricky question. I think one of my previous post covered this. Every month 20,000 baht is a luxury for most but some may not be enough. Like they smoke or drink.

3. Its about 1.8 million baht now if you buy from the developer.

please do drop me an email as i have a feeling that your case is very similar to what I have encountered before. my email address

gerald said...

thanks man

very appreciate for your reply.