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Life as usual.

Frankly, I have nothing to update on my personal issues. Thailand's politics are still in a mess and the recent violence will actually make things worst. That's all I can say for the Land of Smile.

Wife's ID still waiting and waiting (like in a black hole) Still, just have to keep on hoping that day will come.

Work is as usual. Slaving 12 hours on each shift. Two of colleagues recently acquired a new DSLR and now are constantly bugging me on teaching them photography. (honestly, I enjoyed the bugging hehehehe) We went for a shoot last Friday at Lavrador park. I was trying to shoot some sunset but the sky was way too cloudy. Didn't really get what I want.

Been chasing Heores 3 ever since I came back!! Yeah!!! Sylar became the good guy!! hahahah and he's actually brother of.... (nah.. not going to spoil the show)

I think so far the pacing and twist on the 3rd season is pretty captivating. Strongly recommend it.

That's all for the today. By the way, today is the death anniversary of Che Guevara (9th Oct 1967). If you have a chance, do read up about this fantastic character which I admire very much :).

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