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End of the year 2008 post 1 - My Wife

Decided to conclude these few days with some post reflecting the year of 2008. Starting off with my family. This post is dedicated to my wife, Om Jan Kam (Jam Nom).

Last year's post was bleak. Basically due to the constant pressure of the new Visa Rules implied by Thailand Immigrations and the status of my wife.

Everything is back to normal now between wife and I. Its interesting as we always able to convey more when we are separated. I think its the sudden distance that made us cherish each other more for the pass 9 months. She also seems to be more responsible now when I'm not around and I'm glad. So whoever say long distance relationship does not work is just bullshitting. Actually those who failed in such relationships are either not trying hard enough or just not having enough trust. :)

Recently, I missed my regular phone calls to her in the evening (in hospital) and she called me to check on me. Little gestures like this really warms my heart.

The year was also harsh on her. She was also frantically looking for opportunities to have her citizenship done and for 3 to 4 months. Traveled to the district offices in Mae Fa Laung and Chiang Rai frequently. Begging and pestering for more information. "Coffee" money were also spent and one day she just broke down and gave up searching. I have to spend hours in the phone to comfort her and asked her to slow down on the hunt. She knows I am constantly worried about her status and she is trying hard to fix something that is not in her hands to fix. I just feel bad about it. I know its fustrating as I have also gone through such fiasco with her and now she is doing it all by herself, alone without me by her side. Being illiterate also does not help at all and she could not really read or understand the documents.

But just the sheer will power and guts is the main reason I am attracted to her :) She never gives up (even though she vocally say it). And all I can wish is that I would be able to spend more time with her next year. She will need all my encouragement as she is now pregnant without me constantly by her side next year.

Finally, although she don't read this blog. Just want to say

Pom yoo kang koon sa-mer.

Mu En

Apologies to those who find this post a bit corny but its my blog anyway... :P

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