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End of the year 2008 post 2 - My girl girl.

Xin Hui is going to be 3 next year and she already starts to show off her traits.

She is bossy, likes to tell my wife and housekeeper to do this and that. She has a flair of picking up new languages fast. (Can understood Thai, Chinese, Burmese and a little bit of English). Can count to 10 in 3 languages (although I have no idea if she understood them at all)

She went to pre-school just in Dec and she is adapting well. 2 weeks into the school and she already won the best student award(according to my wife is that the school would give out one every a while to encourage the children) Not to brag but I'm happy that among the 4 new students(including my girl).She's the only one who got it.. hehe. She faired much better then Na Phat (wife's friends daughter who is a month older than Xin Hui and currently her best pal), who seems having a hard time in school.

The teachers there are also very active in giving feedback to my wife on girl girl's status and habits at school. She is attentive and very clever. Willing to try things on her own. She did not displayed her bossy self though in school. But the teacher do noted to my wife that the pranks she played in school are unusual, not life threatening but bloody entertaining.... (guess she inherited that from me :P).

Recently wify told her about the baby and she is very happy about it. She even told my wife she prefer a younger sister than a brother... And she already start addressing herself "Pi Xinhui" (used to be Nawng for little) Guess she is going to be happy to have a younger sibling to boss around. kekeke

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