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End of the year 2008 post 3 - My friends

Its a great year especially in April and May when I joined my current company. Met some fantastic people and as usual, some weird ones... hehehehe

And also managed to convert 3 of my colleagues into shutterbugs. All Canon users though (wonder how much Canon will pay me??)

Anyway, here are my wishes (and some predictions) to my friends individually

Javert(HH) - More Rolex-es next year :P

BC & SM - A spiritual year for both of you! Master Yogis... (And to BC, hope you can bend into positions no one has ever bended before :P)

Johnny & Miao Ying
More joys and best wishes to both of you and your cute little boys..

Bro Yap & Family - Never get in touch with u for sometime. Best of the year and hope Ah Boy become big strong and healthy (but less crazy like Daddy.. :P)

Chang Guan - 2009! Huat Ah!!! :)

Lay Lay and BH and the Goh bros - 3 boys liao!!! Wonder how both of you can manage!! hehee anyway, Best wishes in 2009!

Celeste (Hong Ying) - Finally tie the knot this year liao.. hahahaha! So best of luck and wishes in 2009..

BaLongLong - Time to pass on and settle down?? Hope you dun waste the other person time anymore...

Kok Hwa & Family - Baby 2 out liao means need more moola.. Best wished too in 2009

Andy - Finally promoted to Uncle.. hehe. Best wishes to your family in 2009 and best of luck in your new job.

Miing - Hope you get less "busy" this year so we can go cycling again.

Stanley & Joanne
Stanley - More business to you. Best wishes at the new location.
Joanne - Less drinking from the one above.. (just being hopeful)
YR - Best of luck in your job and hope you get more sidelines
YX - Hope you can improve in your studies next year and help your mummy out...

Ah Dog - Hope year 2009 you tio Toto or 4D and clear your financial issues. And many "thanks" for getting me into DC.

Calvin - Best wishes to your family! Especially your boy boy and hopefully u oso on target fast fast and get the 2nd one... hehe

Callan - I smell 5D Mk2 in 2009?? :P

Ah Long Ray - I smell you taking over Callan 50D... :P

Hodi - Big Money!!! Big Money!!! Coming your way!!!

Mok - Hope you send less "error" emails next yr.

Nelson - More bananas for you next year!! (And no one took yours)

Karthek - Lvl 2!! lvl 2!! CCNP Lvl 2!!

Syu - More TV series from you pal!!! and hope you get used to Singapore weather asap and less coughing next yr!

Linda - Hope the stock market turns around next year....

Mark - SDM liao!!! Congrats and hope 2009 get more moola and promotions.. kekeke

Jimmy & Florence - Best wishes in 2009 for both of you and Bizwebs.

And to those I have missed.. Just that I didn't see you much in 2008 so I also not sure what to write. Still, hope the current economy crisis doesn't affect you or your love ones and may a "bullish" year come in 2009!!!


HH said...

Hey wish you have a healthy 2009 and hope that will get a familiy reunion soon. All 4 of you!

PS: Me no Rollies for 2009. Think maybe 2010...and then maybe Paneri, IWC, Sinn.....etc etc..


Balonglong said...

: ]

All the best to u!!! Stay Healthy & Huattttt Ahhhh

: ] --> Status still single lalalala

fr0z said...

Here's wishing you and your lovely family a great 2009! Also, hopefully your predictions come true :D

neobc said...

Tks for your best wishes, Bro!

U too, stay healthy, best wishes for your wife "fight" to win the "citizenship" battle, beauty to your girl, and smooth delivery for your new family member!


Kai_Bros said...

Wishing you and family a wonderful year 2009 especially when #2 is coming soon. And most importantly to be healthy. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks & same to u...Huat Ahh!