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Hana Yori Dongo - Meteor Garden

I rarely recommend TV dramas as I'm not really into watching them (I prefer movies :) ). The main reasons is that TV series takes a lot of my time to watch them and my attention span is not that long. Most of the TV series I enjoy are normally not long winded or over then 20 episodes. (Start to get bored and draggy once it hit more than 10). There are of course exceptions like the old HK Martial Arts (Wu Xia) that I used to enjoy.

So recently, thanks to my sis who studies Japanese and watches their TV dramas. I got hooked onto this short and sweet romantic comedy drama based on a very famous manga. Hana Yori Dongo.
The story is quite typical and predictable but I have to say the production quality is pretty high. The cast chose is also very good. Most impressive of all is the acting and the soundtrack for the series (very very nice soundtracks).

It has 2 season. The first season has only 9 episodes (yeah!!) while the 2nd Season has 11. Total of 20 plus a Final movie that came out a storm in Japan this year in June. (hope Singapore will show it too)

Not going to spoil the series by giving away too much of it but here's a MV for the 2nd season done by some fans. The music is Flavor of Life by Hikaru Utada (heard only on season 2)

PS. There's a Taiwanese version and anime with the same title. Just watch the Japanese Live action will do....

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