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If I really go and follow the doctor's instruction and take all the medication they prescribed.

One type for pain, one for gastric, one for vomiting and 2 types of antibiotics. I only completed the antibiotics and left the other 3 alone. They even prescribed me 1 year supply of Paracetemol. Bloody 180 tabs!! And that's only CGH. SGH gave me another 80 tabs.

I wonder if someone who have financial issues are able to pay for all these drugs. I did checked with the pharmacist but she said the doctor prescribed it and I have to take it. So I guess its the doctor's fault?

So whoever wants Paracetemol (Panadol) do let me know... maybe can pass some to you.

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HH said...

Wah lau I can understand the antibiotics but 180 tabs of paracetemol? Gosh... that how they earn money I guess.