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Not really a good year for me in 2008. First half was great until it took a downturn.

As my previous post did mentioned my health was not that good ever since I came back from Thailand in Nov. Recently, after attending my friend's wedding dinner on 6th. 2 days later I had severe stomachache. It got better the next morning and I continued to work for 2 more days before it struck again. This time was just so sudden at the office and I could not even breadth as the pain actually spread to my chest area. My colleagues called an ambulance and sent me to CGH (Changi General Hospital).

CGH checked my lungs and heart and detected no issue and send me home the next day. On MC for 4 days and on the 12th. I woke up and noticed my whole skin is yellow. Jaundice! No more CGH so this time go to SGH instead. Took 2 days for them to confirm I had a inflammation on my pancreas due to gallstones. On drips for 4 bloody days.

So now I'm back at home resting again.

On the other end. Wife is pregnant again (seems to be made in Keng Tung :P) and we did not planned this. Girl girl seems unaware of the situation that she is going to become a big sister... hehehe... And girl is now in Pre-school and she enjoys it so far. Thats the update from me so far in Dec. Will post some more if I could. Still a bit lethargic from all the drugs I took.


HH said...

Wah firstly congrats on the second one man.

Then better take care of your health lah! We are getting old now and they say 30plus is the most critical age.

Me also trying to watch my diet and excercise more regularly.

neobc said...

Also heard from JL on his condition during our last meeting, and as well requests from some other club members on their health concerns. A few were asking me to share Yoga, which is less invasive but result lasting.

Really hope to open a class amongst the club members...

Meanwhile, take care, bro...